The purpose of these awards is to acknowledge the significant contributions made by individuals in the areas of technical and scientific advancements, education, and coordination of research and networking activities.


Nomination for the award is only possible through the nomination process, which takes place annually. Individuals who hold official positions within the ICEISET are not eligible for nomination during their term.

Members of the Awards Committee are not allowed to nominate or endorse any candidate. If a member of the committee wishes to do so, they will be replaced on the committee.

Awards Committee:

The Award Co-Chairs select five finalists for each category from all the papers submitted by the reviewers. Once the lists of finalists are available, the Award Co-Chairs will nominate a committee of four distinguished professionals in each thematic domain. This procedure is designed to prevent any conflicts of interest that may arise during the evaluation process, ensuring that all finalists have an equal opportunity to be considered for the award.