Dr. Saleem Zoughbi

For twenty years Dr. Zoughbi was an associate professor and chairperson several times in information systems at the Al-Quds University and Bethlehem University in Palestine. He subsequently moved to international development work and joined UN ESCWA in Beirut, then United Nations University in Macau, China, and currently he is a senior adviser in the UN APCICT for government capacity building and change management. . He has been providing technical assistance and advisory services to over 45 countries extending from the South Pacific to Latin America but with a particular focus on the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

He has an excellent network in the region and has worked with all governments and agencies in the Arab world. He acted as the regional advisor for ESCWA on ICT serving all member countries in the Middle East. This included special technical advice in different applications such as the evaluation of national policies and strategies, evaluation of IT departments within a CIO approach that includes business and process re-engineering, planning and evaluation of e-government and e-governance, databases, data centers and others.

He is currently the Senior Associate Expert at the United Nations University, EGOV in Portugal. Currently he is assigned to residence advisory in Riyadh for the Saudi Digital Government Authority.